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Estate Planning

20 Years of Bringing Smooth Transitions To The Next Generation.

Our Estate Planning attorneys work with you to ensure your present and future needs are met.

Do You Need To ...

  • Reduce Estate Taxes
  • Make End-Of-Life Decisions For Your Loved One
  • Update an Existing Will
  • Ensure Smooth Transition of Assets
  • Navigate a Complicated Estate
  • Make a Will and Don't Know Where To Start?
“Mr. Albertazzi is a thoughtful and caring attorney. His staff, Sarah and Amy are so supportive.  All of them were available to answer multiple questions.”
Katherine Pierce

A Will and Trust Make Up a Solid Estate Plan

What's in a Will

A will is the primary document for transferring your assets upon your death. In a will you decide...

Who inherits which assets and when they should receive them.

Who will manage your estate as executor and/or trustee.

Select a guardian for your minor child.

Provide instructions for managing or selling a family business.


What's a Trust


A trust is an arrangement that allows a third party, known as a trustee, to hold assets on behalf of beneficiaries. So why do you need a trust?

Trusts allow control over your Estate that Wills cannot provide.

Avoid Probate court (Your loved ones fighting over your assets).


Reduce Estate Taxes

Divide Assets Fairly

Meet the Team


Owner and Attorney

Stanford University. Practicing Law since 1996.

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Stanford University. Practicing Law since 2005.

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