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  • Are you overwhelmed by debt?
  • Are you about to start a business?
  • Did a loved one just pass away?
  • Is a loved one incapacitated?
  • Did your house just get foreclosed on?
  • Is your current attorney not meeting your expectations?

Client Stories

"They Saved One of Bend's Historic Buildings by Establishing a New Law"

My husband and I, who own a small business in Central Oregon, were successful in the boom days of real estate. We had acquired properties as a result of our hard efforts. When the downturn hit, we were in a position to lose everything we had.


In fact, our case involved establishing some new law in the field of bankruptcy reorganization. As a result, we were able to save most of what he had and get on with our lives, making it through some very difficult times. Most importantly, we were able to preserve one of Bend’s historic treasures: the Delaware Annex.

"With One Day Until Foreclosure, I Thought I Was Done For"

The commercial building where I had operated my business for many years was due to be foreclosed within 1 day. The situation seemed to be impossible, especially after I had consulted with other attorneys.

Albertazzi Law Firm handled my case, giving it top priority because of the urgent time pressures involved. I am now pleased to report that my company has successfully emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy and continues to employ people in Central Oregon from the same location.

Albertazzi Law Firm is experienced in most legal practice areas. We specialize in bankruptcy, probate, business law, trusts, estate planning, and more. Since 1996, we have given scared, confused, and frustrated customers their security, clarity, and freedom throughout Central Oregon. Our attorneys are here to offer their expertise and help you with every step of your bankruptcy, probate, business case, and more.

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Since day one in 1996, scared, confused, and frustrated customers have come into our firm and after working with us, have gained back their security, clarity, and freedom. 
It is our ultimate focus to not only get you through this tough situation but to make sure you are equipped to thrive on the other end. 

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