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  • Anthony Albertazzi

Yearly Meeting: Necessary for My Small LLC? | Albertazzi Law Firm

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Our business clients often ask if a yearly meeting is really necessary for their one-member LLC or corporation.

The answer is generally “yes”. The reason is that if any situation were to ever challenge your LLC or corporation legally, and you’ve had a yearly meeting, you will have documentation that might help your situation. Check out this short video below to hear Anthony Albertazzi speak about this service that an attorney can provide for you:

Even if your LLC or corporation only consists of a few members, such as you and your spouse or even just yourself, these yearly meetings can be a great way to keep track of the legal details of your business. When problems arise, it’s always better to be prepared ahead of time with the proper documents and requirements for your type of business. An attorney that’s experienced in matters of business law can usually help you do this both easily and inexpensively.

If you own a small business in Central Oregon and have questions about LLCs and corporations, give Albertazzi Law Firm a call at 541-317-0231. One of their attorneys can help guide you on the proper way to set up your business.


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