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  • Anthony Albertazzi

Legal Business Setup: Corporation, LLC, or? | Albertazzi Law Firm

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Setting up a legal business can be a straightforward process once you decide what type of entity it should be.

Creating a legal business starts with choosing the kind of setup, and an attorney can help you sift through the options of Limited Liability Companies, corporations, and simple trade names. In this video below, Anthony Albertazzi talks about how to make the right choice when choosing your business legal entity and type:

The main reason someone usually wants to set up their business as a corporation or some other type of legal entity is to protect themselves from liability. This process can usually be completed by filing the correct paperwork and paying the appropriate fees to the Secretary of State in your jurisdiction where you live.

The reason you want to have an attorney help you with this process is so that you choose the right type of entity, and also to have this all documented in case something happens. In the case of a lawsuit or other legal challenge to your business, it’s very important to have things documented along the way to prove that your business is a legal entity.

If you have questions about your business and how to set it up properly, call us today at 541-317-0231.

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