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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Can an Individual File? | Albertazzi Law Firm

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is not something we commonly think of as an option for individuals, but it may be your best solution.

Chapter 11 could make the most sense for your situation if you have high income or a lot of debt. In this video below, Anthony Albertazzi discusses some instances where this chapter might be the right choice:

When most people think of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they think of something that Donald Trump would do for one of his hotels, or an airline going bankrupt. While it’s not very common at all, there are certain situations where this might work for individuals that make a lot of money or owe back taxes where Chapter 13 would not help them.

Our firm has worked with a lot of these cases, and we’ve had some great results. If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy and you have questions about which option makes the most sense, call us for a consultation today. Bankruptcy consultations are free at Albertazzi Law Firm, dial 541-317-0231 to get the answers you need!

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