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  • Anthony Albertazzi

Can I sell property without a real estate agent? | Albertazzi Law Firm

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

You may be able to sell your property without a real estate agent.

In this video, Anthony Albertazzi talks about how to sell your property without a real estate agent:

If you already know who is buying your property, you can go to an attorney to help you with the paperwork. Selling real estate can be complicated and if not all proper information is disclosed to the buyer, there can be problems in the future. An attorney can help you go through a checklist to make sure everything is done properly.

Note to the purchaser: You must understand what you are buying and the status of the Title to the property. It is important to use the services of a title company to make sure there are no liens, judgments, or other problems that are going to cloud you title to the property.

By coming to an attorney for legal advice, all these things can be taken care of. The money you spend having an attorney assist you with a real estate transaction will pay dividends in your peace of mind down the road.

-Anthony Albertazzi


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