Rate Sheet

Please note that rates are subject to change and that the rates shown on this sheet are for illustration only. No services are rendered without a prior fee agreement. Regarding bankruptcy services, federal law requires us to state that we are a debt relief agency and we help people obtain relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Flat Rate Services

Initial Consultation

  • Consumer Bankruptcy: No Charge
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: $250
  • Other: $250

Estate Planning

  • Simple Will Estate Plan including durable power of attorney: $250
  • Codicil: $250
  • Nomination of Conservator or Guardian: $150
  • Appointment of Person for Disposition of Remains: $75
  • Delegation of Parental Authority: $150
  • Power of attorney: $65

Real Property

  • Deed for transfer of real estate: $65
  • Title Review: $150
  • Tenancy in Common Agreement: Hourly (see below)
  • Short Sale – evaluate seller’s personal liability under short sale agreement (single family residence): $150

Corporate Maintenance

  • Initial Setup Fee: $250 (does not include filing fee for secretary of state)
  • Annual Maintenance fee including registered agent service: $65

Consumer Law

  • RESPA Qualified Written Request, initial follow up and evaluation of lender response: $250
  • Cease and Desist Letter (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act): $125
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Cleanup letter and evaluation: $250 initial letter plus $50 for each additional credit line in dispute

Hourly Rates

  • Attorney Fees: $185 – $385 per hour depending upon practice area, jurisdiction and case type.
  • Paralegal: $90 – $150 per hour
  • Legal Assistants: $65 – $90 per hour
  • Clerical: $25 – $35 per hour