Trusts and Estate Planning

Our estate planning and trust practice focuses on serving clients whose estate plans need modification and updating and on serving clients who do not have any estate plan at all. We are uniquely positioned to assist clients with California estate planning documents and trusts because Anthony V. Albertazzi is licensed to practice in California as well as Oregon. Watch Mr. Albertazzi's blog post for more information on if filing if you should have a living trust.

We handle probate cases in Oregon and California, often handling cases involving property in both jurisdictions.

​Q: What is Probate?

​A: When someone dies, their property must be distributed to heirs and debts must be paid. The process of doing this is called probate. It is done through the court system.

​Q: My loved one died. Am I legally required to file probate?

​A: ​No. However, if your loved one has assets, you may need to file probate in order to secure those items. Also, you may need to file probate in order to obtain possession and control of you loved one’s affairs after death.

​​Q: Can I avoid Probate for my own estate?

​A: Yes, with proper planning. There are ways to do this through trusts and pre-death transfers. Consult and attorney for details. Do not​ try to do this yourself because you may cause yourself and your loved ones grief, unforeseen tax consequences, and unintended consequences. Talk to an attorney. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Do I need a will?

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Revocable Vs. Irrevocable Trusts

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Should I Have a Living Trust?

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