Probate, Guardianship, and Conservatorship

Divorce and separation of unmarried domestic partners is one of the most difficult times a person faces in their life. Handling these cases effectively involves technical knowledge and know-how as well as empathy and understanding of the personal challenges faced by clients. In today’s environment, there are often interested family participants beyond husband and wife. These include stepparents, grandparents, and relatives who have developed a strong parental relationship with children who are not their own.

We have addressed a variety of familial situations through adoption, guardianship, third party custody and creative parenting plans.

Navigating the legal system in the family law area requires experience and creativity. The courts are backlogged with cases and having the right attorney who knows how to navigate the system can make the difference between frustration and resolution. We frequently utilize mediation and negotiation as a first step and the great majority of our family cases are settled outside of court. We have the skill, expertise, and respect in the legal community which is required to negotiate effective settlements of family cases.

While many people are living longer, it is a stark reality that advanced age often brings partial or complete incapacity. It is imperative that elderly or impaired clients have their finances safeguarded and supervised. Elder abuse and financial exploitation are all too common without legal protections.

If you’re concerned about a vulnerable elderly parent or loved one, Albertazzi Law Firm can help. We can assist in the replacement of trustees or others who have mishandled a protected person’s trust. We also have a network of professionals who can help develop a complete care plan for someone whose capacity has been impaired by mental disease or disability.

We offer guardianship and conservatorship services in both Oregon and California.

See our Family Law Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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